So, Who Are They?

The 1711 Foundation are an independent Australian foundation with one goal, to support a range of community programs, causes and charities around the world.


They aim to promote and raise much-needed attention and funds for programs that support their seven missions: animal protection, environmental conservation, arts and culture, community health, education, human services and community development.


The 1711 Foundation was founded so that people from around the globe have the chance to live the best life they can and the sustainable management of flora and fauna is improved to promote natural processes.



Our Involvement

We're happy to be supporting The 1711 Foundation and their efforts to improve the lives of global citizens as well has the well-being of our natural habitats. So how have we offered our assistance?


On select product pages you will notice the following logo:





Products featuring this logo will have a portion of the purchase price donated to The 1711 Foundation.


**Donated funds have not been added on top of existing retail prices