Who are we and what do we hope to achieve?


Our Aims

We know that our towns and cities are changing. The man-made environment is growing and becoming more complex. Our aim is to provide natural and environmentally sustainable alternatives and solutions to help make our cities more eco-friendly but at the same time easy to maintain. We want to support everyone from the traditional homeowner to business owners to help make their environment greener through the beautification of old and new buildings.


About Us

Green Cities is a South Australian company backed by a leading Australian Company, Atlantis Water Management. Atlantis are a large Global water management company allowing Green Cities to be local with global ideas. Not only do we love to support South Australian homes and businesses become greener but we also support everyone in Western Australia and Northern Territory. Green Cities is an official Gro-Wall reseller and installer. Having over ten years experience with Atlantis products and impressive project track record of successful Grow-Wall installations in Adelaide.


Our Products

All of our products consist of 100% recycled material therefore making our products some of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Our products are produced with functionality in mind to provide our customers with a means to create their very own eco-friendly home or business. We currently offer a range of Gro-Wall Vertical Garden, Roof Garden, and Underground Water Tank solutions. 


What We Do

Green Cities is a dedicated small team of professionals passionate about creating a better and healthier living environment from DIY to full turn-key commercial applications.

Green Cities has strategic alliances and working partnerships with;

  • Architects and Landscape Designers

  • Engineers

  • Horticulturalists

  • Commercial Nurseries


Green Ideas

Living plants create a peaceful world to live in because they cut back on noise pollution and help to reduce carbon. Visually plants are pleasant on the eye. With Gro-Wall, you can have this inside or outside your living space creating a calming effect everywhere.



Green Cities is also a supporter of The 1711 Foundation whereby we donate a portion of select product sales to the foundation to assist with promoting human wellbeing and sustainable environment management.


Our Plans

Having superior products at an affordable price anyone from a corporate company to a balcony gardener can have an opportunity to enjoy a vertical garden system for herbs, edibles or lush foliage.


Atlantis Corp.

Established in 1986, Atlantis is the leading international provider of water management solutions. With offices and partners around the world, we integrate consulting and the supply of innovative technologies to develop total environmental solutions for urban stormwater management.

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We proudly use Reece Irrigation products.