Horizontal Drainage

The Original

Since the original release in 1986,  Flo-Cell set a benchmark for sub-surface drainage. Flo-Cell is the most advanced geocomposite for sub-surface drainage and offers high compressive strength up to 148.58 t/m2,  lightweight construction, ease of installation and low cost compared to traditional drainage methods.

Long Life Durability

The Drainage Cell has excellent long-term durability and is resistant to all ground chemicals. Flo-Cell is manufactured from selected quality recycled materials and under stringent quality control ensuring a high-quality product that will not collapse or distort if used correctly.

Efficient Water Mangement

The Flo-Cell removes only excess water, keeping a perfect amount of moisture on perch. The unique design of the Flo-Cell also features water retention cups that provide optimal moisture conditions for growing media.

Protects Building Structures

The Flo-Cell, used in conjunction with Geotextile, functions as a protective membrane for waterproofing and providing ventilation for concrete slabs which alleviates heat-induced stress and cracking.



Vertical Drainage

The Vertical Drainage system has a high compressive strength, protects waterproof membranes, is economical, lightweight, easily transportable, easy to install and is a permanent and is a highly efficient vertical drainage. The system is perfect for controlling water seepage, ideal for underground car parks, basements, retaining walls and seepage cutoff trenches.

A durable wall drain that really works, providing hydrostatic pressure release.





Road Drainage

Resolving effective road drainage management is the concept behind the Ecological Road.


The system captures surface runoff from roads and, instead of transporting it to a central storage pond, provides short-term localised storage so that stormwater can be either infiltrated to recharge groundwater, released at a controlled rate, or recycled for irrigation.


The system also provides a strong, permeable structure, that can capture and manage water along the length of the system.

The road system reduces thermal contamination up to 170C (310F) in relation to the conventional road methods. In cold areas, permafrost penetration is reduced. 


Our solutions provide benefits for developers and the community.