A friendlier form of heat.



Introducing Green Heat® BBQ Briquettes

Barbecue briquettes are often overlooked as an everyday item but Green Cities, along with Green Heat®, are looking to reinvent this product to produce a friendlier, organic form of heat. Not only will the heat produced be from burning natural materials but by using Green Heat®BBQ Briquettes you are helping the environment beyond your very own backyard, as far reaching as the other side of the world.


Why So Friendly?

8,750 plant species have been introduced to South Africa with 161 species regarded to be invasive. 68% of these invasive trees are classified as being woody. Green Heat® BBQ Briquettes are made from these invasive South African trees in an effort to help reduce the growing number of these species amongst the natural habitat of the region.


Benefits of Green Heat BBQ Briquettes

Green Heat® BBQ Briquettes bring a new perspective to how natural heat can be created through:

  • being a 100% eco-friendly product

  • being produced from invasive South African tree species, therefore helping their environment and our own.

  • its residual ash is far finer leaving just small quantities; and being produced from natural products, the ash doesn't consist of sand or any other impurities.

  • Blended together with corn starch, not sand.

  • Whilst burning, it produces a natural wood fire smell rather than one of artificial or chemical smelling.

  • Having a very competitive price.



of invasive trees throughout the South African region are considered a hard wood pest. That's why they are used to create the Green Heat® BBQ Briquettes.

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A portion of the purchase price is donated to The 1711 Foundation