Easy to assemble is just a few short steps.

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What's In The Kit?

The following parts are found in the Gro-Wall 4 DIY Kit, although instructions are appropriate for all Gro-Wall products.

18 Plant Pots

18 Top/Back/Bottom Panels

+ 24 Small Square Side Panels

+ Sheets of Geofabric

+ Dowels

+ Instruction Guide


Clip Side Panels To Bottom Panel

Insert four small square panels into the bottom panel of the module. There are small holes in which the panels clip. For extra ease, a small rubber mallet can be used to knock the square panels into place. Avoid using a hammer as this may cause some damage to your Gro-Wall. This is recommended for each of the following steps.



How To Assemble




Clip The Back Panel To The Module

Insert each of the dowels attached to the small square panels into the long back panel.




Clip The Top Panel To The Module

Insert each of the dowels attached to the small square panels into the long top panel.



Attach The Locating Dowels To The Top Panel

Insert each of the locating dowels into the top panel so that the remainder of the modules can be attached to one another.



Insert Plant Pots

Now, line each plant pot with a sheet of Geofabric. Fill each plant pot with soil and plant your chosen plant or herb. Ensure the plant is planted and angled towards the front of the plant pot. Insert each plant pot into each module cavity, there are three cavities per module. These pots are rearrangeable so feel free to remove, repot or rearrange when you feel necessary.



Repeat The Process

You have now assembled just one module, there are six in total. 


For any further questions or for extra assistance feel free to contact us.

Please remember that these instructions are not comprehensive and you should refer to the included Installation Guide. 



Gro-Wall Assembly Video

 Assemble just one module in two minutes.



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