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Meet the team

Horticulturist and Landscape Designer

The go to person for all things design and irrigation.


Our Aims
We know that our towns and cities are changing. The man-made environment is growing and becoming more complex. Our aim is to provide natural and environmentally sustainable alternatives and solutions to help make our towns and cities more eco-friendly but at the same time easy to maintain. We want to support everyone from the traditional homeowner to business owners to help make their environment greener through the beautification of old and new buildings as well as the spaces that surround them.

What We Do

Green Cities is a dedicated small team of professionals passionate about creating a better and healthier living environment from DIY to full turn-key commercial applications.

Green Cities has strategic alliances and working partnerships with architects, engineers and commercial nurseries. We are also fortunate enough to have an in-house horticulturalist and landscape designer.

Our services don't end once a project is completed. We provide a complimentary short-term maintenance period to ensure that each project thrives. Following this short period, maintenance can continue through our various Nourish plans including quick on-demand visits, monthly or even quarterly visits to ensure your green space continues to meet your needs and lifestyle. Maintenance plans can be developed for residential or commercial projects.

Influenced By Sustainability

The Atlantis GroWall Vertical Garden systems consist of 100% recycled material therefore making our products some of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Our products are produced with functionality in mind to provide our customers with a means to create their very own eco-friendly home or business. We also offer at-home compost solutions with the Subpod Compost System; a smell-free, easy to assemble, organic way to compost.

We source cost-effective plants that meet the environmental conditions of each individual project. Alternatively for spaces that require artificial plants due to accessibility or difficulty irrigating then we can source some of the most realistic looking plants on the market.

Proudly South Australian

Total Plants Planted

LGA Vertical Garden 9







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