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The Flo-Cell® range is a versatile product suitable for many applications including the drainage of sports fields, civil works, retaining walls and landscaping applications. The Flo-Cell® is also ideally suited for WSUD (Water Sensitive Urban Design) applications and provides and ideal use for increasing the permeability of ground areas which reduces overland flow and facilitates groundwater recharge.




  • Rapid Drainage: Efficiently drain excess water while retaining an optimum moisture level. Ideal for promoting plant growth in planter box and roof garden applications.
  • Lightweight: No cranes of lifting equipment required.
  • Strong Structural Design: The Flo-Cell products can be installed horizontally or vertically and are easy configured to meet specifications.
  • Quick Installation: Faster installation than traditional aggregate drainage systems.
  • High Infiltration: 90% void ratio.
  • Biological Resistant:The product is indefinitely resistant to biological contaminants.


    • Width: 575mm
    • Height: 50mm
    • Length: 575mm
    • Weight: 4.95kg
    • Flow Rate: 2.56 Litres/Sec/m at 1% gradient
    • Pieces per m2: 3
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