Vertical gardens

Gro-Wall At A Glance

Designed specifically for vertical garden enthusiasts, Gro-Wall includes many new intuitive and constructive features that benefit both users and designers. New features include a revolutionary watering system, improved wall anchoring and improved planting capabilities.

The Gro-Wall enables designers and users to install vertical gardens in adverse outdoor environmental conditions and in regulated indoor environments with complete access and control. The new enhancements provide targeted watering control of individual plants, and easy access to irrigation components.

Gro-Wall is the perfect tool for designers creating vertical landscapes and the perfect companion for it's caretakers.


  • Individual Plant Irrigation system concealed within the structure (Gro-Wall 4.5 only).

  • Integrated framework system allows Gro-Wall to be fixed directly on to the wall. No additional framework is required.

  • Gro-Wall is a modular system allowing easy vertical and horizontal expansion.

  • Gro-Wall acts as a thermal insulator for buildings, cooling in summer and retaining heat in winter.

  • Versatile Planting allows for plants to be planted at a range of angles and each cell can accommodate multiple plants.

  • Easy accessible planting cells allow for easy maintenance and even plant and design changes.

  • Gro-Wall is made from high grade recycled materials.

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A Vertical Garden Is Ideal For

  • Families who a looking for an easy to maintain herb garden.

  • Homeowners looking for an eyecatching feature wall solution.

  • Elderly people or those with mobility difficulties who have trouble gardening at ground level.

  • Creating a garden in a small courtyard home or rental property.

  • Students who have moved out of home and are looking for an easy to maintain garden.

  • Businesses who are wanting to green up their office spaces; both interior and exterior.

  • and many more reasons....