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Hassle Free.

Have more control without the hassle. Sign up and we'll charge you automatically based on your plan. Easier to budget, no paperwork, and a consistent date.

Flat Rate.

Your plan is the price you pay, no matter how long your job takes. Any additional costs will always be negotiated so there will never be surprises.

Personalised Service.

Not only will we provide quality service but by signing up for Nourish you'll create an online profile where we will keep key details about your project eg. irrigation times, plant species, etc for easy reference and you don't have store a sticky note anywhere.


We believe it's time to mix things up when it comes to providing landscape maintenance services to South Australian homes and businesses. On offer is the traditional invoice process for more customised services however for those who make this process easier we now offer a subscription service called Nourish.


Sign up, select a plan and we'll maintain your garden.