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Commercial Landscaping

Greening your space is our business.

Businesses and commercial premises are continuing to become more environmentally conscious. The Green Cities Team continue to support South Australian businesses and have done so through a number of solutions. We've established strong working relationships with a number of large corporations and commercial businesses to green up their foyers, office spaces, kitchen areas, and landscape their exterior to provide welcoming spaces for employees and visitors.

We can mix and match packages together to meet your needs and then provide ongoing maintenance following the completion of each project to ensure your space is always looking its finest

Landscaping solutions available to commercial clients (all can be interior and exterior):

  • Vertical gardens using the GroWall system

  • Potted plants using high-quality, light weight modern pots

  • Complete exterior landscaping

  • Custom Planter boxes including the WickWorming Planter Boxes

  • Artificial green walls and life-like plants for spaces that aren't ideal for real plants

  • We are also happy to source new products, ideas and solutions to best meet your needs.

We also understand that once these projects are completed you want to ensure it continue to look great for your employees and and customers. After the completion of your project we provide complimentary maintenance to make sure that everything is running smoothly and thriving. Following this handover period we can negotiate a maintenance plan that meets your needs and at a pricing plan that is affordable and value for money. Ongoing maintenance can occur at regular intervals throughout the year (most common being fortnightly or monthly) over a negotiated contract period.

Email, complete our contact form or call 0427 352 278 to discuss how we can support your business.

Hassle Free.

We want to make greening your office space hassle free and so will choose products that are low-maintenance, impactful and back this up with ongoing supportive maintenance solutions.

Cost Effective.

We understand that undertaking a greening project can be a costly process. For every project we offer a greenery plan outlining all of your options, pricing and recommendations so that you can pick and choose what works for your budget and vision.

Always Green.

Once our project is completed, that's not where our work finishes. Continue to contract Green Cities for ongoing maintenance and we continue to develop your project, for us, it is never finished. This may include plant replacement to something more suitable and improved irrigation solutions as new technology becomes available. Your space will continue to be refined.

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