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Express yourself through your garden

The Green Cities team believe that every garden should reflect the owner's individuality, wants and needs; without compromising on the natural ecosystem each garden provides. Our qualified horticulturalist and landscape designer will consider your style, preferences, the most appropriate plant selections and how to best manage water sustainability. We take a no fuss approach. Our aim is to create a welcoming space that will be long-lasting. Explore what we can offer you.

Landscape Design

Designed by Green Cities

We take pride in associating our name with each and every project. Our processes and choice of products are continuously evolving to best suit our ever-changing environment and sustainability measures. So even if we design your garden right now, we'll continue to improve your project even in the future if you choose to continue with the Green Cities Nourish maintenance programme. Our designs allow for each individual to be as hands-on or off as need be, saving our customers back pocket. We do offer a remote landscape design service, we'll design your project ready for you to complete the construction.

What elements of the landscape design process do we cover?

  • A computer generated design

  • Plant selection options - with plants sourced from South Australian nurseries and growers.

  • Irrigation solutions

  • Some landscape construction - with some elements outsourced

  • Install (coming soon - unfortunately we only offer the designing process at this stage)

  • Ongoing maintenance for a short period after project completion to ensure your garden flourishes.

We have experience with a number of landscaping solutions including:

  • Vertical Gardens

  • Rooftop Gardens

  • Fencing

  • Decking

  • Paving

  • Garden Design / Plant Selection

  • Permeable Paving

  • Raised Garden-beds

  • Sustainable and Programmable Irrigation

  • Real Lawn and Artificial Turf

  • Potted Plants and Trees

  • Consideration for Attracting Wildlife

Image by Paul Hanaoka
Landscape Design
Rooftop Gardens

Create your own little living space.

Our partners, Atlantis Water Management, continue to develop products and systems to convert bland concrete areas such as rooftops into beautiful green city environments. The results are a sustainable integration between urbanisation and nature utilising permeable surfaces, rainwater harvesting, geo-textiles and artificial turf. We're happy to help you with a rooftop garden, planter boxes and balcony farms.

Rooftop Gardens
Underground Tanks

Capture, store and reuse water.

The Re-use System has proven effective in providing a regular clean water supply for domestic and commercial applications. The system captures water from both landscaped areas through surface infiltration and from roof areas which are filtered through a Filtration Unit. Clean water is retained within the storage area away from harmful UV light and heat; remaining cool underground readily available for re-use. Typical applications include flushing toilets, in washing machines, watering gardens and washing cars.

Stormwater harvesting

Green Cities provides a complete stormwater harvesting solution. We offer stormwater filtration, water storage, integrated irrigation system and the purification of stormwater. This solution replaces antiquated Roman technology. Pipes, sumps, pits or difficult to manage gross pollutant traps, are no longer required to manage stormwater. These are replaced by underground water tanks, restoring the balance between the environment and urban development.

Image by Ricardo Resende
Underground Tanks
Image by toinane
Permeable Solutions

Free flowing environment.

​The Turf Cell reinforcement structure is the most effective product available for both horizontal and vertical root growth. Unlike concrete systems, the roots remain cool and grass growth thrives. Driving vehicles onto the grass has no effect on the protected roots. Aesthetically, the product allows the grass to fill in completely, creating a lush lawn with an invisible reinforcement structure.

Our partners, Atlantis Water Management, continue to progressively develop innovative products and systems to convert the concrete jungle into a sustainable Green City. The use of permeable surfaces allows rainfall to immediately soak into the ground. Rainwater can easily be harvested through underground water carriers and tanks. Green cities act as a large permeable surface and can be easily built, by incorporating rooftop gardens, planter boxes and landscaped podiums. The added vegetation in cities reduces the urban impact on global warming, provides a sink for carbon and provides a point source solution for stormwater, reducing and even eliminating contaminated runoff into natural waterways. The results are a sustainable integration between urbanization and nature, creating a sustainable environment.

Flo-cell permeable solution is perfect for rooftop gardens, driveways and paved landscaping.

Vertical Gardens

The only way is up

Designed specifically for vertical garden enthusiasts, Gro-Wall includes many new intuitive and constructive features that benefit both users and designers. New features include a revolutionary watering system, improved wall anchoring and improved planting capabilities.

The Gro-Wall enables designers and users to install vertical gardens in adverse outdoor environmental conditions and in regulated indoor environments with complete access and control. The new enhancements provide targeted watering control of individual plants, and easy access to irrigation components.

Gro-Wall is the perfect tool for designers creating vertical landscapes and the perfect companion for it's caretakers.

Permeable Paving
Vertical Gardens
Life-Like Plants
and Lawn

Perfect for any space.

​Sometimes living plants just aren't the best solution for your project. This may be due to limited irrigation potential, hygiene concerns, or even accessibility. To solve some of these issues the Green Cities team uses some life-like artificial plants and we have the ability to install realistic artificial lawn. Although the use of such a product goes against our beliefs, sometimes real plants and lawn just aren't right for some scenarios and we understand that.

Our range of life-like plants also allow for greater flexibility as they can be attached and styled to suit any environment without the concern of how they will be best maintained. The plants are UV and fire resistant making them the highest quality product on the market.

Life-like Plants

Greening your space is our business.

Looking to green your business space? We offer a number of solutions to support businesses in doing so, both landscaping and ongoing maintenance.

Click the link below to see what we can offer you.

Mustard Flowers

Give back to nature.

The Green Cities Team are avid supporters of the rewilding process. Click below to find out what it is and how you can get involved.

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