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Architectural Green Space

Explore the green spaces featured throughout the latest addition to Adelaide's skyline.

Have you taken a wander down the iconic King William Street in Adelaide? You may have found yourself appreciating the facade of number 60 which features a mix of historic and modern architectural design. Step inside however and this modern business address has used a number of creatively spaced green spaces to create aesthetic appeal to complement the modern joinery.

Scattered across the lobby, Level 1 and the adjoining mezzanine, large pockets of greenery will catch your eyesight. A mixture of medium to large sized plants have been cleverly used to create height and depth in each space to help break up the existing hard surfaces. Each space creates a sense of warmth and relaxation to facilitate a work environment in what will become a busy business hub.

If you happen to look up once inside you'll notice that around each pillar is a ring of foliage. It's hard to tell but these are all in fact life-like artificial plants, chosen to best suit their location and the lack of accessibility for watering and general maintenance. So pop in for a visit, or even for a cuppa from the onsite cafe, and have a look around 60 King William Street.

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