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Balcony Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are not limited by space.

Vertical gardens can suit any space and location. Over the years we have installed numerous vertical gardens in homes looking to green up their balcony space. The modular flexibility and targeted irrigation of the GroWall system allows for anyone to have a green wall. Plants are selected to suit the isolated environment, to be low-water tolerant as we know that watering on a balcony is not always easy, and we ensure that the plant selection is appropriate for your job (even down to choosing plants that deter mosquitos). Customers have the choice of having their vertical garden irrigated or water by hand, and we include a drip tray to catch any excess runoff.

As we look to continue creating more green space in our cities, more and more residents in inner-city apartments are investing in vertical gardens. Some are using them purely for visual impact, some are turning them into herb gardens so that they also serve a practical purpose. Either way, a vertical garden is an ideal way to minimise the concrete glare and heat, cleanse the air, and look good at the same time.

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