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Mediterranean Style Poolside

A Mediterranean Style Poolside Vertical Garden

There are a number of factors to take into account when designing a poolside vertical garden. This project in particular is placed in full-sun and exposed to both the weather and splashes from the pool it surrounds. Rather than one large vertical garden to minimise the heat produced by the white tiled wall, the project greenery was divided amongst three smaller vertical gardens. Each wall features a range of plants that thrive in warmer environments including Lomandra Lime Tuff, Nandina Obsession, Hi-Ho Silver, Liriope Evergreen, Rhodanthemum African Eyes all add a variety of colours that compliment the environment. Additionally we added Spearmint to each of the three walls for the benefit of scent but also as a deterrent for mosquitoes by the pool.

The Job At A Glance

West Hindmarsh, SA




Full sun

Environment Type

Project Gallery

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