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Our Aims.

We know that our towns and cities are changing. The man-made environment is growing and becoming more complex. Our aim is to provide natural and environmentally sustainable alternatives and solutions to help make our cities more eco-friendly but at the same time easy to maintain. We want to support everyone from the traditional home owner to business owners to help make their environment greener through the beautification of old and new buildings.

Our Products.

Green Cities is South Australia's leading supplier of Atlantis Gro-Wall Vertical Garden Systems. Having superior products at an affordable price, anyone from a corporate company to a balcony gardener can have an opportunity to enjoy a vertical garden for herbs, edibles or lush foliage. A number of landscaping services are also on offer including synthetic lawn, underground water tanks and rooftop gardens. Select a product from below to find out more.

Elevate System

"Our courtyard has been totally transformed by our vertical gardens."


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