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Grind n' Ground

Why choose Subpod?

Your waste is a powerful thing. This year, you’ll send roughly 150kg of food waste to landfill, where it will fuel global methane emissions and climate change. Turn your waste into a rich, nutritious fertiliser that feeds the soil instead! Compost up to 20kg of food waste a week in Subpod. Mess free, smell free and easily maintainable in just 5 minutes a week, Subpod is the compost system for people who love simple.

Why Coffee?

Coffee grind is the perfect addition to your garden. The nutrients it provides to your garden ensures your home grown veggies and plants have the greatest potential to thrive.

We source our coffee grind and husk from a local cafe before it is sent to landfill. We then refine the grind to ensure it is perfect for use in your garden.

Coffee, adds nitrogen to your compost and soil, which means your plants and earthworms love their environment. There is a concern that adding coffee to soil will increase the acidity and become too much for your plants. While this is true, plants that love acidic soil will thrive and for other plants that love a neutral pH then simply rinsing the coffee ground will neutralise this concern.

Hands in the Soil
Use For Coffee Grounds

There are many purposes for using coffee ground in your garden:

  • Mulch for your garden

  • Add nitrogen for your plants.

  • It helps keep slugs and snails away

  • There is a theory that it deters cats

  • Worm food

  • Creating a fresh coffee scent in your backyard.

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