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(v) restore an area of land to its natural state

Totally Rewild.

As our towns and cities continue to expand with our growing population, it is crucial that we make a positive attempt to retain or reintroduce green space. Rewilding is just that, reintroducing green space to areas previously cleared. During this clearing not only are native flora species removed from the area but also the native fauna, including important insect species such as bees.

Rewilding is to some degree 'planned-chaos' in that we re-introduce natural fauna space to our built up areas and allow nature to take it's course, allowing birds, wild mammals, and insects re-inhabit at their own pace and frequency. In some instances native fauna has had a controlled re-introduction.

What Can You Do?

There are numerous activities that you can undertake to promote a rewilding process:

  • When planning your commercial or residential landscaping, consider planting native species or at least species that allow nesting or ground cover. Any green space is good green space.

  • If you're nestled in a built-up area then make sure to include a tree (if possible a native species) to act as a gateway/bridge between green spaces for wildlife.

  • Have some ground space? Consider spreading a native seed mix and help attract insect species.

Do you have a rewilding project that you would like advice on?

Contact us and we'll help you strategise a plan.

Blue Skies
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